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Addi Express help

I know it has been a while but I have been super busy getting ready for the fall craft shows in my area. I did however do some searching online for help with my addi machine. I came across a video that tells us to grease your addi machine. Now I have put another post earlier about the silicone spray (jigaloo) for it but I was not happy with the performance of it so I took my machine apart again and washed every needle and casing. That was a royal pain in the butt but I figured.. hey why not try this next fix. She had a video saying what she used but not how to do it so as I was greasing my machine this morning I decided to take some pictures as I was going along. 

I went to the local hardware store and bouth some white lithium grease by Permatex. I read on the label that it was safe for just about anything so I figured.. yup.. good to go.


I started by removing the outer black ring that was holding the red plastic ring in place. I gently removed the red ring that holds the needles securely in place.. phew.. ok that was easy

IMG_0922     IMG_0924

Once I got the black inner ring off ever so gently I then started putting the white grease on each side of every needle. Just a squirt (there is no need to put a lot as this little dab goes a long way.

IMG_0903    IMG_0901

After I finished with all of the needles on the bottom it was suggested that a bit of grease be put at the top of the needle as well. At this point why not!  I was fully committed to greasing this machine as I was tired of all the noise it was making when I knit.


At this point I was done greasing the inside of the machine and was ready to put it back together. 

Again , carefully fit the black inner ring back over the needles making sure you line up the indent for the counter rows. You will understand that part as seriously it will not screw down until you line everything up the way it should be. At this point look to see if any seepage is happening around the joins and carefully wipe it off with a soft cloth so the grease does not get on your yarn.


Now carefully line up the red ring so the #1 slot fits over the first black needle. This takes a bit of gentle movement as you slip the red ring over the needles. Be careful not to force anything because after all the needles are plastic and will break if treated roughly. 

IMG_0910     IMG_0911

crank the handle and let it go around a couple of times without any yarn on the needles. At this point look for any splatter of grease and wipe it off. I used a Qtip and a soft cloth from this point on. 

IMG_0912      IMG_0913

Now is the time to put some yarn on the machine but only scrap yarn! Knit around 30 rows. You will notice that the grease is coming out on the yarn. hence that is why you use the scrap yarn that you can toss away when you are done.


keep working to remove the excess grease as you knit the 30 rows. 

Now remove the scrap work off your machine and toss it away. Once it is off you will see some excess grease. Don’t worry, just wipe it off and you are DONE!…

Now the lady said that sometimes she uses Bond Knit easy spray  for the top of the needles for extra lubrication, but I cannot find it here in Canada so at this point my machine is done and ready to work. 

Thanks to Suzy Notting and Jack for giving us the video explaining how she greased her machine

Here is her link for her YOUTUBE video

greasing an addi machine

So I am off to make a few more hats for the upcoming shows.


Addi Express Knitting Machine Tutorial

Well I got my Addi Express Knitting Machine. Nice!.. although I do have one complaint. There are no tutorials or easy instructions for these machines.. I wanted to start with an easy hat, never using a machine for knitting before.. well.. the instructions are.. cast on your stitches (they show that in the little booklet they give you).. knit for desired length (no idea how many rows to knit) and then bind off (they also show this in your booklet)..

Now for me.. that was not enough instruction..good grief.. come on ..seriously..?????

So I played with it.. Now the end result of the hat is just not acceptable in my eyes.. I do not like the rolled rim hats, they sit too loose on your head plus it just looks unfinished!!!. So after a couple of weeks of playing,, trial and error I came up with a valid way of finishing a brim.

Here are a few of my tips for an adult hat

Now mind you this hat will fit (and I did the research) from 1 yr old to adult.

1.   Always start your hat with two rows of waste yarn . .ALWAYS!!!… this will give you a good base for when you turn your band up.(Even if you want a rolled brim, do the waste yarn and follow my instructions below). knit about half way round and then I like to tie the waste yarn to the band yarn so the stitches don’t drop. be careful you don’t pull a stitch off the peg doing this. reset your counter to 0 at this point, you don’t need to count your waste yarn as it will be pulled out later.


2.   knit for 24-28 rows depending on how wide you like your band.

3.   Change colors. I usually tie a knot because if you just drape the yarn down between the needles there is a good chance you will drop a stitch.

now I like to knit until 70 rows for a full adult size. If you put this hat on a 1 year old it will slouch in the back, so cute, a 3 year old it hangs a bit but on an adult it is just enough depth. If you are planning to make toddler to 10 yr old hats 60 rows will be a nice fit for a hat.

4. Now bind off with your red needle the way they show you in the booklet. Turn your hat inside out and gently pull the yarn until it is tight. Tie a knot and weave in your yarn and cut the rest off.


Turn your hat inside out and lay it flat on the table. Thread your red needle and find the stitch directly across from the needle. (should be the stitch with the joined yarn)

Now pick up the stitch that is the last row of your band color. Pull together but don’t pull tight as it will pucker your band.

(if you want a rolled rim, just pick up a stitch from two rows up and follow my instructions, it will give you a clean look for the rolled rim)


Now pull the bottom of the band gently to meet the stitch you have just picked up.


Now go to the next blue stitch and insert your needle under that, and then up to the next blue stitch on your waste yarn


gently pull, Do NOT pull tightly as the band will be too tight and will pucker.

Continue picking up the stitches all the way around your hat until you reach the first picked up stitch. Now I do not knot it at this point, I then start snipping and removing the waste yarn.




Weave in your band yarn careful not to pull tightly. Snip your yarn, Weave in your other colors that you have on your hat and you are done!




look how clean the band looks!!  So finished and professional looking!


So there it is in a nutshell. Tried and true. Looks much better than a rolled brim right!

I have checked videos on youtube on how to do your band while still on the machine but honestly the band looked like a toilet bowl when the hat was finished. It stretched it so badly it looked horrible. I like this method much better. Whip Stitch is your Friend!!!!!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at truenorthknitting@gmail.com.

Happy addi Expressing!!!!!!