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New Hat Collection for 2013

2013 hats

I am back in production mode. I have started my new collection of hats for the 2013 Fall Craft Shows. I am still in the process of trying new designs and deciding whether or not I actually like the pattern and if it will work with what I am trying to sell for next year. Looking and planning so far in advance is always a challenge as you never know until sometime in September what people will be actually looking for in the way of accessories. The color choices are even more of a challenge. I listen to the fashion reports to find out what colours are will be popular this year but that doesn’t always hold true in this area of the world. So Basically I get yarn, pile it in a corner in my room and away I go. I did the purple cloche but I am not sure if I like the thickness that it calls for in the pattern.

Purple Cloche Purple Cloche

I might try  the same pattern but only make it DK worsted weight.

As for the other hats I really like the Newfoundland Salt and Pepper design

Harry Hibbs/Newfoundland Hat Newfoundland/Harry Hibbs Hat

I made it my mission to find this pattern. My mother used to make these many moons ago. I tried everywhere to find the pattern that most resembled my mother’s Pattern. Well after hours of looking online I finally turned to Facebook with a plea. It only took me 1/2 hour to find the pattern once my post went out. AND!!!!  it was my mother’s original pattern that she had given to her friend once she could not knit anymore.. How cool was that!!!!.. My sister picked it up and mailed to me. I scanned it and I plan to put the original in a frame and hang it on my studio wall.

I have also started to do the Angry bird hats although I cannot list them anywhere as the Rovio corporation has contacted me through Etsy and demanded that I remove them as it was an infringement on their copyright.. oh FINE.. I will just sell them at shows and take special orders. geeze. My one or two hats I make are certainly not going to dip into their big profits.

I have started posting my pictures on and here is the link to my Knitwear for this year.

True North Knitting Photobucket Pictures

So my journey continues. I am always surfing for new ideas and I am always willing to make anything you suggest. I love trying new patterns and designing as I go.

Feel free to comment and make suggestions. What is popular in your area? What colours do people look for?

New Year’s Jar

 Well I saw this on facebook this morning and thought. How many times have we tried to reflect on the past year and just struggle to remember? Put a little note pad beside your jar.  What a wonderful idea!!!!!..Even have your kids contribute. You might have done something for one of your kids and didn’t think it made any impact. What a nice surprise when you sit down on New Year’s eve with your kids and dump the jar on the table and start reading the notes out loud. Wish I had done this many years ago. No more New years resolutions!.. just write down your happy moments however insignificant they may seem I am sure they will be well appreciated at the end of the year. Too many times we remember the not so nice things that happen all year and overlook the small, good things. All these small good things will add up to one big happy new year’s eve smile!.. go ahead,, give it a go for next year. What can it hurt?

note jar

Craft Season is over!

Well it is hard to believe that it is December 20/2012

I got the last of my customer orders done and shipped out in today’s mail. Holy cow what a busy season this has been.

It started out in full force the second week in October with the Horton Harvest Craft fair!. I was really unsure as to how my hats and knitwear would sell. This you see was my first kick at the can. I have always knit and sold online but have never gotten around to setting up a table at a craft show. What a surprise I got . The show started at 9:30am with people lined up at the door waiting to get in. By the time it was all said and done I had sold over $400 worth of hats. Now this to me was inconceivable because I had set my prices below $20. Most of the hats that were sold were the hand knit or hand crocheted ones.. People did not like the machine knit ones!.. hmm  I had done the machine knit ones to fill my table but that was all they were good for. they filled my table and then they filled my rubber maid container on the way home.. hehehehe. You live and learn!

true north setup

I had two tables set up at this show. Had gone out and purchased plastic table skirts. I figured why spend the money if I wasn’t going to like selling this way. Well after a show in November at another school, a show at a community hall and then my last show on  December 8 at another school , these plastic skirts did the job for this year but I will be investing in cloth ones for 2013.

The first show I did was as I fondly call it,, “my validation show”.  People liked what I did and were filing to my table to purchase. It was a bit overwhelming to say the least but I got my feet wet, and got the craft show BUG!

The next show was a bit disappointing. Not quite sure if it was because of the location I chose, or just the type of shoppers that came in that day. I barely made enough to pay for my table rental. I was deflated but was looking forward to my next show at the community hall.  OMGosh it was packed tight with tables, no room to even pull out a chair and sit behind your table without asking the woman behind me to scoot over.. LOL. Once again, it was not a great show but it was only from 10am til 2pm with a beautiful Chowder luncheon being served at the same time.

Then came my final show, a new one that I  organized for a music department at a school. We had 5 weeks to pull it together from a totally failed attempt from another group at the school. WE DID IT

Managed to get 56 tables rented, had a nice chili and hot dog  lunch set up in the entry way, I didn’t sell a whole lot but made lots of friends and great contacts and took special orders which I just finished today!.

It is time now to relax, have a nice supper with some friends and then enjoy the Holiday Festivities for the next few days. I am totally exhausted but pleased with how things are progressing.

Starting in January I am going to concentrate on making new hats, and also some heavy socks (only because that is what all the shoppers were looking for when then came to my table). No one seemed interested in the lightweight socks, they want the heavy wool boot socks.. ……

I am NOT a confident sock knitter but hey you have to start somewhere. People ask and I make, that has always been my policy.  I will also be trying to work up a sock pattern on the Addi knitting machine. I got the book on how to add the heel on the tube socks so I am going to give it a go. If I get it done I will either do a video or a picture tutorial for it. Addi is wonderful but they sorely lack on complete instructions for beginners. They tend to forget that not everyone is an expert and their instructions leave a lot of explanations out. I hope to be able to make it clearer for us beginners. Be patient I will be learning as I go so I would expect to have lots of trials and errors.

So that is the end of my ramblings for today.

Thank you for reading,, following my blog and buying my patterns

Have a great and happy Holiday Season,, and be safe!


New Sweater Collection

Well I guess I have had an epiphany of sorts. I had a customer who bought a dog pattern from me last month contact me and ask if I had a Boston Terrier size pattern with a Reindeer on it. Well I didn’t!  but that didn’t stop my brain from working.. hehehe.. I sat down and thought,, hmm.. how do I want to design this one. Well I have been selling discontinued White Buffalo/Cowichan design sweater patterns for the past year and I thought to myself.. Hey.. why not start a line of dog sweater patterns that would compliment the White Buffalo designs..oh boy oh boy I could just see the pattern in my head as well as the colours I wanted to use. . I designed the pattern, sat down and knit it up (pic below) and have the sweater for sale as well as the pattern for it.   I love the new design!!!!!  I will be doing up the regular yorkie size pattern today and will edit this post with the link to buy that pattern.

So.. Here is the result I will be calling these new designs the True North Canadian Collection.. pretty cool huh?

I have another design in my head that I am starting to work on and I also want to make the patterns in the regular Yorkie Sizes  8″-10″-12″ as well as the Boston Terrier/Pug sizes.

Image Image

FOR SALE Boston Terrier Size Sweater  Lenth 13″ Girth 18″  Neck 13″

$25.00    Shipping $9.00

I have this pattern in the BT size as well as the Yorkie size on my

Original Dog sweater Tab



Have a great day and enjoy the olympics!!!

Pink Snowflake Dog Sweater Pattern

Ok call me crazy.. most people do.. hehehe.. but I have done up another dog sweater pattern. I will have the pattern as well as the finished pattern listed on this site as well as Etsy. Links will be on the bottom of this post. It has been so long since I designed this sweater that I could not find the original picture of the finished sweater. So here I sat. almost 90 degrees out, knitting a new sweater so I could take a new picture of it. This was a task to say the least. So the end result was a much nicer pattern as I revamped it as I was going along, added a few more instructions to the written pattern, plus pictures. 


listed on Etsy  

Dog Sweater Patterns

Well my vacation is over, had a wonderful 5,000 mile trip around the states for 3 weeks. Now it is the first day of August and I am back at it. I am in the process of Knitting two more Boston Terrier/Pug sweater and as I am knitting it I am  writing up the pattern so I can sell it on Etsy and Ravelery . I will have a pink Snowflake pattern designed for the Bernat Chunky yarns and for the boys, I will be making the Blue Winter wonderland pattern. Both these patterns are interchangeable for girl or boy dogs and you can pick whatever colors you want to use. So I am off to finish this sweater today and get the pattern worked up and ready to list. Have a great, soggy type of day (I love to knit when it is raining)