Revamping my studio

As most of my friends know I am always looking for the next trend to come around the corner. Well. this winter has been particularly nasty (yes we still have titanium snow on the ground) so I have spent a lot of time surfing and looking for new ideas. I went through a studio renovation and could not work so my laptop became my friend. The studio is now done (not without those.. do you want the good news first or the bad news).. Yup.. the window I was having redone turned out to be a big mess. It apparently had been leaking from the top and running down to the framing below the window

this was the area I was having redone. Initially I wanted to leave the center two windows and the skylight windows and then have the corners walled in and painted.. seemed easy enough right?


Well. as they were removing all the older windows to reframe the front for the new double sliders they realized just how bad it was


It had rotted clear out to the siding which had rotted the insulation on the back of the siding. Any wonder this room was like the artic during the winter!

So a decision was made to take out the whole area and bring the wall back to match the interior walls. Now I can say I was completely heartbroken by this decision because I loved the light but let’s face it.. Sunlight or freezing room. As it was I could only work in there on sunny days so I guess, lets do this!

So as the work progressed I started liking it more and more and now with a front wall with the R factor of 34 I am warm and cozy. It has been taxing on me as I realized I had to totally change the layout of my room to work with the new window configuration. huge storage cupboard had to be moved.. yup I did it by first dumping all my strategically arranged skeins of yarn into laundry baskets (shutter) and then moving the cupboard completely across the room over carpet. how did I do it you asked?  well I will tell you.. I went to the basement and pulled out a couple of crazy carpets (snow sliders) and tipped each side of the cupboard and placed a carpet under the edges.. hey it worked. Had to position the carpets for each few feet but made it easy to push this 6ft high double door cupboard. I decided that before I was going to start any work in my room I was going to make it my mission to purge by cupboard.. holy crud!.. what made me keep these pattern print outs and literally pieces of scrap papers.. shelves and shelves of them. Plus plastic containers of stuff I was sure I had need for and would use in the future.. NOPE… gone!!!   I gave a whole garbage bag full of yarn to a senior lady that spends her time knitting hats and mitts for churches (that made me feel pretty good) and now my cupboards are all done but one shelf!  YAY

IMGP0905 - Copy IMGP0908 - Copy IMGP0914 IMGP0933 IMGP0940 IMGP0947 IMGP0978

So I need to go into my studio to take the finished pictures, New blinds, new curtains and fully rearranged but right now I am running between appointments and the music festival in the area so by next week I will have updated pictures of the finished room.. the before and after

Needless to say I am now happy with the decision to get rid of the cold drafty window area and my cats are fighting over sitting on the new window sill which is 11″ deep. As they say it all works out for the best even though I had gone through tons of angst about losing the sitting area I had.

Now that I have the room done I will be in full production mode to get ready for this years fall craft shows (the spring one I already have 90% of the stuff ready to go) Yes I do two different themes for these shows

on that note have a great week and I will be back with more of the finished studio project and my new ideas for the fall shows


3 thoughts on “Revamping my studio

  1. hahaha.. it had to be done.. and I won’t stop until the end of the Apple Blossom show the end of May. Then I am taking the summer off to sit on the deck and read

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