Addi Express DIY Table

Well I have finally found a table that will work for my knitting machines. I love the machines but I find they slip and slide even when you put the brackets on the legs. I knew what I wanted and the last 6 months I have been on the search for just the right table. Last weekend we were out scouting yard sales. It was almost noon and I knew we were getting down to most of them packing up their wares. Well low and behold we came across two neighbors doing the sale together. I spotted the table and went up to see how much they were selling it for.. $10.. ok  that is a great price for the condition of the table.

Magazine table.. The table has a lamp!! bonus and the magazine part will be great for catching the work as you knit along. I then drew out the template for cutting the holes for both the addi king and the addi regular machine.

DSC00560 DSC00561

Once the parts were cut out, they were sanded thoroughly so none of the yarn will catch on any ragged parts. I then put painters tape along the edge. Completely sanded the top to smooth out and make it ready for painting.  I then put a coat of primer and let it dry.

DSC00562 I then did a coat of yellow paint  (why the yellow you say?)  Well I had it in my studio left over from doing bird feeders and I am all about using what I have.

After the first coat of yellow I had gone out and purchased closet rod holders at Home Depot to use as holders for the addi machine legs. I drew where I wanted them placed and then predrilled holes for the screws before the second coat was applied.

DSC00563 DSC00564 DSC00566 DSC00567 DSC00569


Ah.. just what I wanted. This is turning out so Great I suprise myself. I reinforced the table top with new bolts just to be sure.

Looks pretty good HUH?

DSC00571    DSC00578


Now I had to put the closet braces on the other side of the table to hold the regular addi express. Again predrilling holes for the screws. You need to do this so you don’t split your wood and then all your hard work would be ruined.

DSC00581 DSC00582

You can see from the pictures that you can still put the included addi brackets on your legs, Now you have the extra comfort in knowing that your legs will not slide or slip. That was my biggest pet peeve with the brackets.

So there you have it!!  I checked somewhere for a table  with a notch cut out for the machines and I think it sold for $180 . Now grant it , it was cast iron but honestly who needs the cast iron for this machine. I didn’t check into the shipping for this table but lets say $40 for shipping.. The total cost for it would have been $220 before taxes and let’s not forget what the customs charge would be. Probably around another $50. I was not about to spending that much money but I really needed to get something besides my folding table for this machine

Now here is the kicker.. The table was listed for $10, closet brackets were $1.78 a package and I bought 4 packages. Extra bolts for the table legs $2.00 for the 4 bolts for a total cost of ~~~~ drum roll please~~~~$21.00





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