New Sweater Collection

Well I guess I have had an epiphany of sorts. I had a customer who bought a dog pattern from me last month contact me and ask if I had a Boston Terrier size pattern with a Reindeer on it. Well I didn’t!  but that didn’t stop my brain from working.. hehehe.. I sat down and thought,, hmm.. how do I want to design this one. Well I have been selling discontinued White Buffalo/Cowichan design sweater patterns for the past year and I thought to myself.. Hey.. why not start a line of dog sweater patterns that would compliment the White Buffalo designs..oh boy oh boy I could just see the pattern in my head as well as the colours I wanted to use. . I designed the pattern, sat down and knit it up (pic below) and have the sweater for sale as well as the pattern for it.   I love the new design!!!!!  I will be doing up the regular yorkie size pattern today and will edit this post with the link to buy that pattern.

So.. Here is the result I will be calling these new designs the True North Canadian Collection.. pretty cool huh?

I have another design in my head that I am starting to work on and I also want to make the patterns in the regular Yorkie Sizes  8″-10″-12″ as well as the Boston Terrier/Pug sizes.

Image Image

FOR SALE Boston Terrier Size Sweater  Lenth 13″ Girth 18″  Neck 13″

$25.00    Shipping $9.00

I have this pattern in the BT size as well as the Yorkie size on my

Original Dog sweater Tab



Have a great day and enjoy the olympics!!!


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