Freeform Crochet Hats

Well this has been a hectic, unsettling, emotional, you name it kind of week. In order to keep my sanity (ok no remarks from the peanut gallery..hehehe) I have decided to make FreeForm Crochet Hats. I just start and what will be, will be. I grab some colors that compliment each other and away I go!

Here is the result of my work the past few days. I love the way they look. After all, winter is such a blah time for clothes that these hats will add some colour and pizzaz to any wardrobe



Time to grab some more colours and mix it up a bit. These are too fun to make!


4 thoughts on “Freeform Crochet Hats

  1. I just a long message typed and lost it so to shorten….I am amazed at your ability to do all this and know that you do not have much spare time on your hands. WOW….this is great.

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