Upcycled Necklaces!

Well my mind was working overtime again. I have spent days in my studio cleaning and getting ready to start working in there again since it is now warm enough to work without gloves. I found my stash of leather chokers and my container with Macrame braclets that I had stored away for the winter.. Now.. what to do what to do! The bracelets and chokers are fine as they are but anyone that knows me, knows that I cannot leave anything the way it is!. I need to add my touch,, my spin.. my own personality to stuff.. so.. I got thinking.. the bracelets are a pain to try to put on as they have to be tied by someone else.. hence the name  “Friendship bracelets”. I thought.. hmm. think I will add some clasps to them,, easy on easy off.. then my mind said.. hey.. why not use them on the leather chokers I have.. so there it is in a nutshell.. Grabbed my upholstery thread, a sharp needle and got to work.. I kind of like them since no one else around here has anything like it. 

Here are some pictures of what I have done with them



I have also been working on my earwarmers/headbands

A collection of the Hats I will have for sale in October at the Horton Harvest Craft Fair..


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