New Name and Look

The last little while I have been bouncing some new names around in my head.. Never really agreeing or liking what I had bouncing around.. Well true to form for me I woke up at 4am with the name in my head. I laid there until I couldn’t stand it any more and then finally got up. Checked wordpress for availability,, then etsy,, then gmail

WHOO HOOOO.. the name I thought of was free for the taking..The more I wrote it down the more I liked it. I could envision the logo, the colors,, everything.. so.. I have, as of today changed the blog from madebymau to


True North Knitting

Got the logo done, and I am quite happy with the new look!!!.. Pretty soon I will have all my White Buffalo Patterns, Mary Maxim Patterns and all my dog patterns on this site. I will be incorporating my two sites into one so I can keep track of them more easily..

  here is my new logo


Onward and upward from here!


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