how to restyle your birdfeeder

Well I know its been a while.. but. here goes my newest project I had an old tray bird feeder

(the kind with the three chains on it) Well it was driving me to distraction, the chains just

seemed to be more of a bother than  not. So I decided to change it up a bit. below is my tutorial

on how I fixed the problem and added a cover over the feeder to keep some of the rain out.


firstly, I took the chains and hooks off the old tray feeder and went to the dollar store and got

a pretty plastic bowl for $1.25

bird feeder hardware

First I went to the hardware store.

I bought:

threaded rod 1/4″,  $2.49

6 –  1/4″ washers,  $.15 each

6 –  1/4″ nuts   $.15 each

and a double hook (found in the hooks isle)  $2.49

drill a 1/4″ hole in the middle of the bowl (my suggestion would be to start with a small drill bit for your first hole and then use the larger bit next, this keeps the plastic from splitting)

Take your tray feeder and drill a 1/4″ hole in the center of the tray.

take your threaded rod and put a nut and a washer about 12″ from the bottom of the rod.. This depends on how big a bowl you are putting over the feeder. Just play with it and decide what you like.

slide your bowl up to the washer and nut

then put another washer then nut on the rod and work them up to the inside of the bowl

tighten the nuts with wrenches as hand tightening will not be enough to keep them tight.

Now do the same at the bottom,, put a nut then washer about 3″ up on the rod

Slide the tray onto the bar and then add a washer and nut

Again, tighten the nuts with a wrench so they don’t loosen easily

Take one side of the hook out of the double hook adapter. I like to use just the hook screw end not the closed

eye screw it is easier to hang on a branch or whatever you are going to hang it from.

Now take the top end of your rod, add a nut, then a washer and screw it down about 2 inches

insert it into your double hook adapter as far as it will screw in, then screw the nut on the outside

part  up to meet the adapter and use a wrench to tighten it.

Voila!!!!!.. You can play around with the height of the bowl. Actually I have decided to go back to the

dollar store and get a big metal bowl  or a bigger mixing bowl. This one seems a bit too small to really

protect the seeds and the birds from the foul weather.

Cost of this project $8.00.  I have it hanging outdoors now and the birds are flocking to it as I type. Now to see if the Cardinals will take to this feeder. (that was my main purpose for revamping this feeder, all I had were tube feeders and the cardinals were singing in the trees just looking at the feeders. Pictures to follow when it stops raining enough for me to set my camera outdoors to catch the activity.


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