Nova Scotian Tartan Dog Leash

Another day another new thing done in my studio. I have made a promise to myself to try to do a new design, or new project each week.  Now I am not saying that these projects will be on my plate forever but I plan to get some of the ideas out of my head, on to paper and actually made over the next few months. Too many things rumbling around in my head and I have to purge my brain to make room for new things.  hehehe

Today I didn’t get much done, only worked for an hour however I did get this made

Nova scotia tarnan

The fabric used is the Provincial tartan of Nova Scotia and the backing is red webbing with reflective material on it

It turned out nice.. I plan to make the collar to go with it tomorrow and it will sell as a set.

I have directed my designs in the ways of the Tartan. I have the tartan ornaments, and now I am making tartan doggie accessories.

For years I have been knitting dog designs but with the cost of the yarn becoming so pricey I have stopped knitting a sweater a day and only take orders now. Besides I am having fun designing new and interesting tartan items in my studio.

Keep a watch out for when I get the collar made and another suprise to follow next week. Yup.. My brain is working overtime!


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