New Day,,,New Microwave Potato BAG!!

Finally the weather is cooperating. The sun is out and I can once again get into my studio. The sunshine is brilliant today so I figured I would take advantage, even though it is a sunday and I don’t tend to go to my studio on sunday. Sundays are usually reserved for.. late morning coffee.. then more coffee,, the today show,, then  The Sunday Morning Show.. Another coffee and before I know it, it is time for lunch.. hehehehe.. then.. up to this time it has been afternoon Football, some knitting, curling,, well you see a theme going on here. Sunday is the day for doing nothing important, recharging for the upcoming week. But.. like I said. it is beautiful here today.  cold -12 but the sun is streaming into my studio and I am feeling all warm and toasty.

So I have turned my machine on, cut some material and tried out a potato bag.. Gone will be the days of buying those one time only plastic (not good for the enviroment) vegetable bags. Gone will be the days of overcooked, undercooked, hard, soggy potatoes. This potato bag was made with 100% cotton material on the front, 100% cotton backing, and 100% cotton batting.. and oh.. 100% cotton thread. Now this is important that everything is cotton. Don’t even think of trying to make one of these with your regular quilt batting as you could be visited by your local fire department when your bag catches fire!…hehehe.  Environmentally the way to go!

These bags are easy to use

  • Wash your potatoes (now this is important).. DO NOT PRICK!
  • Wet a paper towel  (just damp) and wrap each potato
  • Place your potatoes in the bag.
  • Close the flap and place it flap side down in the microwave.
  • Cook with recommended time for your microwave (each microwave is different)
  • When they are done, take them out and set them aside for a minute or so. Unwrap and enjoy.
  • Lay your potato bag on the counter to dry out..


If anyone is interested in one of these bags I will have several listed soon as this is a wonderful way for me to use up some fabric scraps. I am thinking of even a patchwork type one. yup that will be nice. I can make any color, design, you name it. If you want one just contact me and put in your request. They will be for sale for $8.00 and shipping will be $3.00.

FOR SALE     $8.00 +$3.00 SHIPPING

   SOLD!          $8.00 + $4 shipping

Size 9″ x 8″


  SOLD $8.00 + $4 shipping

Size 9″ x 8″


  SOLD  $8.00 + $4 shipping

size 8″ x 9″


    SOLD    $8.00 + $4 shipping

size 8″ x 9″


    SOLD!    $8.00 + $4 shipping

size 8″ x 9″

if you want a particular color just contact me and I will do my best to accomodate you

happy Sunday!


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