Seafood Potato Recipe

Ah …. Another famous recipe from the Kitchen of Mag and Mau. Actually this is Maggies recipe but I am going to post the pictures.

Here are the ingredients..

Mock Crab,,,Milk,..Margarine…Swiss Cheese Slices…Flour..spices..and of course a Baked Potato!

Melt butter/Margarine in a pot, add salt and pepper, mrs Dash, the mock lobster or crab and

stir around until the butter is melted. You can be creative and add whatever spice you like.

I prefer the simple spices. Take a few slices of the swiss cheese and break up the slices and add

them to the mock mixture and then add  a bit of milk.  Heat this until the cheese is melted.

In the meantime, bake a medium sized potato in the  microwave and set it on your plate when it is cooked.

After the cheese is melted, add some more milk and then the flour and milk mixure in a container

(that has been shaken up until mixed).  Keep stirring until it thickens to a nice consistancy.

Cut your potato any way you like, either split it, cut it in half or cut it into pieces.

That is totally your choice.

Add butter to your potato and then lay two slices of swiss cheese on top of the potato.

YUM  spoon it onto the baked potato and enjoy!

And there you go!.. Tonite we just had the seafood potato, comfort food..

but if you were serving it to company, hmm.. maybe a nice spinach salad first and

a glass of wine. Your company will never know just how simple and easy this recipe really is.

Another serving suggestion would be to put 1/2 baked potato (precooked) in a mini single

serving casserole dish, add the fish mixture over the top, lay a piece of swiss cheese and

put it in the oven to melt the cheese. Serve it on a plate with caesar salad. Makes a classy looking meal.


Hope you enjoy


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