Happy New Year

Just wanted to thank all the wonderful people that have made my blog a semi success. I have vowed this year to keep updating my site. I have started working on listing all the vintage patterns I have for sale. The reason?  Well Ebay has become a costly venture when you list something that is not in the auction format. You pay whether you sell it or not and with over 40 discontinued patterns I have discovered that even with my sales, I barely had my head above the water. I ended up with a $5.00 profit after I paid my December fees.


I have put my nose to the grindstone, left my dirty dishes in the sink, the hairballs are chasing the animals around the living room.. but.. hmmm.. priorities?

I need to get my patterns listed on my site, Paypal secure!!!!!!(since I have figured out how to do that!)  yipee

So I will update when I get all  my pages fixed and looking purty.. hehehe

Happy new year and enjoy the snow!

Forgot to mention.. my first page of Cowichan design patterns is up and running. If there is any pattern you would like, I want to assure you that the add to cart button is totally secure and you will be directed to Paypal!

Cowichan Patterns.. Page 1


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