Bird Feeders

Well I am off on a new venture. I spent days, no, weeks trying to find the right bird feeder. After looking at all that was out there on the internet I decided to make one for myself. After all.. *who is the crafter/artisan here after all*.. hehehe

I spent days, drawing, pricing supplies and I finally made a small feeder to see if it would work for me. From everything I have read, the small birds love YELLOW!!  go figure, who knew,, say what!!!!! I managed to find enough stuff around here to make the small feeder and now that I have hung it out I am convinced.. yup.. the birds either love the design or they are really hungry and don’t care what I put the seed into.

Here is my design, such as it is. I have some flaws in the first one but now I know exactly what I need to do to improve it.

             SWEET!   the flaw with this one is that it is too small.

I plan to make ones that are 18″ long and short ones that will be around 10″ long.

Here is another picture of my feeder beside one that I had bought online.

Come back again. As soon as I get all my supplies I will be making them and having them for sale on my site. You will be amazed at how many birds will come to your feeders!


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