The Tales of our Quirky Cats PT.1

I have 4 cats. At one time I thought, A cat is a cat is a cat. BOY was I wrong. I have discovered that all of my cats have their own personalities, quirkyness, things that make you laugh and things that make you totally pull your hair out at the roots.

For example.. Ollie.. my youngest.. Now he is a total nutcase. He is two years old (where has time gone?) We found him at a local shelter. Not really the cat I was looking for at the time. First of all, he is a he!.. I wanted a female cat and I wanted a calico!. Well you know how that goes. You walk in the room, spot the cat you want and then this little white and grey furball starts eatin your shoelaces and as they say, the rest is history.

As you can see, he is a pretty stunning cat, even as a kitten he had this intelligent look on his face.. That should have been my first red flag… hehehe

As he grew he became funnier and funnier. He has this routine every night. We go to bed and he, as well as the other menangre of animals follow us.. He has to put on a performance first. Being young and full of energy is a problem for him. Actually it is more of a problem for us..hhehehe. He comes up the stairs and decides to run around the hallway as we lay there watching tv. Now this is a riot, he sounds like he is doing the riverdance up and down the hall.

He does so many funny things. His faces are a riot and I happened to catch one of his yawns a little while ago. This cracks me up.


Now tell me that doesn’t crack you up, I dare you!

He also likes to get himself into a twist. Last night he found his spot on the Love seat and when I looked at him he was completely twisted and upside down.



Yes he is comfy and actually gave me a dirty look when I snapped the pictures.. hehehehe


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