Hand Knit Dog Sweaters

Hand Knit Original Dog Sweaters!!!

I am finally getting my self organized. I made two sweaters last week and have them now listed on ETSY

This is my original design that I have been making and selling for the past 8 years. All the sweaters are hand knit by me. This is my original pattern designed by my friend Rosemary and then tweaked by me. It is an easy on, easy off sweater designed for the little dogs that don’t particularly like intrusive sweaters. It is especially good for the little boy dog if you know what I mean. All my sweaters are made with wool/acrylic yarns that allow them to be washer/dryer safe. They are made for Yorkies, Poms, Chi’s, I make them also for Boston Terriers and Pugs that have the thicker neck designs.


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  This first one is the Navy Heather Design. Navy blue for the main color and Off white Heather specked for the Accents.

This one is Size   length 12″ Girth 16+” and Neck 11+



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This sweater is one of my Cable Knit Designs. Made with a chunky Ivory Yarn. Very warm and snuggly for those cold winter walks

This one is Size   length 10″ Girth 14+” and Neck 10+



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This Dog sweater has been a good seller for Halloween. It is Orange with black eyes, nose and mouth knit into the sweater. Oh so cute!

SIZE Length 10″  Girth 12+”   Neck 9+”


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This sweater is one of my first year designs. I had forgotten how much fun it was to make. I plan to make some more of my first time designs. Watch for the little girl designs in the upcoming weeks.

This sweater is make with a rust color wool/acrylic yarn with Beige Heather fleck and medium green accents. A cute nautical gold button finishes off the special look.

Size  Length 12″  Girth 14+”  Neck 10+”


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Finally for this week I have my Heart Design. this sweater was made last year but due to many issues last year it did not get listed. It is made with White acrylic/wool yarn and Red accents and a cute red button. This is usually a good seller during Valentines day but who says you have to wait til then?  Nothing says puppy love like a heart sweater.

Size  Length 11.5″  Girth  12.5+”  Neck 8.5+”


If you are interested in seeing some of my designs in action, just check out mysweater  photos page on FLICKER

On that page you will see some of my past designs and some of my doggie customers sporting their duds.

Thanks for checking my blog.. have a great day


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