Cape Breton Tartan

I am back at making ornaments. My favorite to make are the traditional Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Tartan ornaments.

This week I will be making more Cape Breton Tartan ones.

Each one I make is slightly different unless a particular design is requested..

The tartan info:

Black for the Wealth of our coal mines

Grey for our Cape Breton Steel

Gold for the golden sunsets shining bright on the Bras D’or lakes

Green for our lofty mountains,our valleys and our fields to show us, GOD’s hand has lingered  

If you are interested in any of the ornament feel free to contact me, as I will be listing them on Etsy over the next few days. Updated pictures of the new ones will be posted as I make them.

Thanks for reading


2 thoughts on “Cape Breton Tartan

    • Thanks hon. I am channeling my mom and aunt for ideas. Prince Edward Island tartan ornaments next if I can find the tartan.

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