Yard Sale ramblings

Well crazy as I am, I am going to get some stuff together for a town wide yardsale this weekend. Now that is a good thing, firstly it helps me purge some of the stuff I have in my studio. My closet is bulging once again and I am sure there is stuff there that I will never use in a hundred years. We just went through a week from hell . the heat of last week was unbearable for me. We worked hard to get a load of band instruments done and out of the house on Thursday, Friday we packed and went to a band festival.. Now don’t get me wrong this is the best kind of crazy for us. I find time to unwind and relax for a day, party at night, we get to mingle with horses (I get my horse fix) we have super great food, super great friends . On Sunday its packing up for me and then a concert in the afternoon as the finale of the music weekend. This year we were joined by family from Indiana. That was a bonus!

Then home to unpack and enjoy our company. Oh my gosh I must be creeping up on old!.. I am totally whipped. The kids were 13 and 10 and had more energy than I ever remembered my kids ever having. How our prospective changes as we get old.. lol.. ok older.

Time to get back to normal tomorrow, Working on lawns, instruments, purging for the yard sale.. you know.. normal insane stuff for us!


The yard sale is over, thankfully!!! It was way more work than the money I took in. I went with one huge box and two smaller boxes, a folding table, two chairs and of course my breakfast and lunch. It was a steady stream of traffic, cars arriving 4 or 5 at a time, people in a rush to run to your table.The very first people were there at 7:30 as we were setting up.. good grief,, leave me alone to get the stuff on the table!!!!

I made sure I priced my stuff to sell and this man had the gaul to dicker (he wanted what he chose 1/2 off my price).. of course I said NO.. mister it is 7:30am and I am not about to drastically mark down this early in the day. Come back later and if the article is still there then we can talk.. I ended up coming home with one small box of stuff left which I will bag up today for garbage pick up. I do not plan to keep any of this stuff.

So that was my yard sale experience. Next year.. not planning to do it. I have moved and purged so much over the last few years that I truly have nothing left of value that wold be worth while to save for the sale.

I am off to set up my room to work again


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