Well three  things..

firstly.. the heat wave we have been experiencing on the east coast has finally broke!.. It started raining last night and a nice cool breeze is coming in the front windows. My dog is estatic as are my cats.They can finally come out of the basement and enjoy the whole house.

Secondly… The summer flu I had is finally letting go of my system. Between the heat and suffering from the flu, it was a week that has gone into history as the week that I got nothing at all done!..I feel somewhat guilty but not enough to make me feel badly about not doing much last week. I am sure I will make up for it when it comes down to the crunch in September.

Thirdly…I GOT MY CORK!!!! I ended up getting it at Kent which is a hardware store. I bought a couple feet of it and it was 48″ wide. It was certainly better than buying a full roll of the stuff. Hopefully maybe later today I will get the energy to get into my studio and put the cork on the backs of my coasters and take some pictures.

So almost back to normal, surfing for ideas and suggestions and working on my new site. Just about ready to close down my site and move totally to this site.. wahoo!


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