Tartan Ribbon and Rafia!

I am off to the wild blue yonder,, to and fro.. hither and yawn… looking for supplies in my local area. I am not really thinking positively right now as we have limited supplies in this area. But.. shop local first and when all else fails.. off to Halifax !!!!

Need some cork for my coasters. Tartan Ribbons, Rafia and of course anything else that might jump off the shelf and into my crafty little hands.. hehehehe

Hopefully I will be able to get some projects fully finished so I can get pictures taken and get them listed on Etsy. Right now everything I work on gets about 80% done because of the lack of my supplies.

So off I go for a day of shopping or non shopping. We will see how this turns out!


Oh  dear!  shopping was a flop!

didn’t find cork, the fabric store was so packed that I got frustrated and left (to return at a later date,,hehe)

Still on the search for handles for my front doors. whodathunk that it would be that difficult to find 3 identical handles.

So I guess I am off to the city this week to get all my supplies at one spot


2 thoughts on “Tartan Ribbon and Rafia!

  1. You can get cork at Wally World I think…..but now that I’ve said that I can’t remember what department. Sorry you couldn’t find stuff…..it is a bummer to live where there are no nice shops to browse. 😦

    • unfortunately our wally world is not quite what it is in the states. Checked there yesterday, heading to the city today to see what I can find.. ugh.. this sucks

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