Happy Canada Day!

Well it was UP at 6:15am and on the road at 6:45am. Now my eyes were not fully opened but hey I was in the car, looking semi excited and sipping on my first hot cup of coffee. This is the first offical day of our summer. School was finished on Tuesday and we are gearing up for our summer job!.. Yup we are truly music geeks. We repair band instruments in the summer, from local jr high and high schools. We have three schools lined up at the moment and I am sure there will be a few last minute fixes before classes resume in Sept. There will be band concerts, and a band fest later this month. We really look forward to the Band Fest because we get to reconnect with some wonderful people from around the province..Also, hopefully we will get to take a few days and head to Bangor for shopping!

In the middle of all this summer chaos I hope to be able to get to my studio to get my supply ready for the craft show in October. Yup.. I am in charge of the registration this year and I hope to have a table as well. I have never done a show before and have been doing tons of research as to what sells best.

My next entry in my blog will be all about what I have decided to make, how I plan to arrange my table and also the sites that I found all my information on

Really looking forward to it, I think!..


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