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Sunday, June 13, 2010 

Pieces of string too small to Keep

Well I heard a good story today and it really hit home!. A guest minister told a story about his mothers passing and when he went to clean out her house he hadn’t realized just how conservative she was as well as a hoarder. He had gone to the basement to clean and throw stuff out when he noticed a box that was labelled “Pieces of string too small to keep”.. Now don’t tell me that you don’t know anyone like that.. I am guilty.. yup.. I have a bag ( ok several bags) that have small balls of yarn. Not enough on each ball to make anything with but,, just can’t make myself throw it out!.. Come on.. another person that comes to mind (which will remain nameless) that has purses and shoes in her closet from WWI I am sure. The purses will never be used and for sure the shoes don’t fit, so why exactly do we do this?..Makes me think.. Are we so afraid that if we throw these things out we will forget the memories that go with them?..that if we throw these things out that we will be throwing little parts of us?
As the story goes on.. the minister was trying to make the point (which I totally got) that you need to throw out the little things in life before they join into a huge ball of string and run you over. You can’t move on until the little things are out of your life.
Now I don’t plan to hit my closet tomorrow to purge again but I do plan to take stock of my life, throw out the little things, little pieces of grievances, little pieces of hurts, little pieces of regrets, little pieces of resentments and so on. This will be a big step for me but I plan to do it. Only in doing this will I then be able to fully move forward.
So this is my wisdom of the day

Friday, June 11, 2010


Almost the Weekend

I have been so busy getting my sites done that I haven’t had time to work on anything else. I really like the new site designs they have made available and jumped on one right away.. whee.. On the downside though, My desktop computer is slowly dying and I haven’t been able to design or do any of my graphic work. So today I bit the bullet and ordered a new desktop computer. Now to wait until it comes in.. ugh
Today was an absolutely beautiful day but I woke up feeling really crappy!.. so I haven’t been outside at all to enjoy the sun and the heat. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and the sun will be out again for me to enjoy it.
So off I go to relax on the couch, watch a movie or a ball game and just have a pity party all by myself

June 3, 2010

 indecision sometimes pays off!

Well the spring is almost over, it’s been a warm one, the flowers bloomed early, mowing has started in earnest (however.. where the heck is earnest anyway?).. lol I decided yesterday that I would come out of my studio and work on my blog and my site. Only to find out that my domain name will soon expire unless I pay for it again.. HMMMM me thinks it is a good time to do some revamping again. For the past few weeks I have been glued to my laptop, doing research about crafters, artisans, craft fairs, what sells best this year and one thing I did notice. Most of the people had very simple easy to find names. I thought last year that the best thing to do was to find a name that would reflect my business. Well the name I chose I think drove people away from my site. I hardly had any hits and I didn’t sell hardly anything directly from my site, even though I was paying to have a webstore. Most of my sales, (90%) came from Etsy. Now that got me thinking.. do people think that I am a big business by the name I had chosen? I had liked this other name for quite a while but I thought (thought wrong!) that the fancier name would bring in more business.
So here goes.. New name change!.. same person, same articles (with a couple more to be added over the next month)
My new site is now www.madebymau.com  but I will be completely deleting this site in October and moving to this wordpress site. I am so excited about this move.  I paid for the domain, and it will be attached to this site in October when the renewal for the other site is done. I am getting my new ideas done up over the next week and will post the pictures and the links when they are done.
I will be uploading the items to my new etsy shop (madebymau) and deleting the old shop
also my ebay ID will be changed to (madebymau)April 4,2010

Ok I promised I would get better at this.. Obviously I lied!.. hehehe
I cannot believe the weather we are having, Upper 70′s today and it’s Easter Weekend. What a shock to our systems to have this type of weather this early in the spring. I am sure we are in for more snow.. This is Eastern Canada after all!!!
Anyway, I have my studio opened early and have been busy moving stuff around for the spring summer work season. I have started making crochet wire necklaces
Nova Scotia Tartan Necklace

This first one is done with the Nova Scotia Tartan colors.. Royal Blue, green, pale blue, white, gold and silver

Cape Breton Tartan Necklace

This one is done with the Cape Breton Tartan Colors. Grey, green, white, gold and black
This has turned out to be a great project but I have found the beads are really expensive around here.
My next one will be called my Apple Blossom Necklace. Done with the pinks, roses, greens of the apple blossoms.
Anyway I am back.. Working on my designs, and working outdoors when I get the energy to do it.
Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another snowy Thursday

I have been super busy the last few days. I have taken on the registration for the High School Craft and Food Fair. Holy moly, I had to revamp, redo, reorganize, you name it. I finally got all the registration packets done and mailed yesterday. Now to sit back and wait for the forms to start flowing in.
So today I am going to relax,, and did I say, I am going to relax~~~~~~~
I was supposed to go out to meet a friend for lunch but with the snow moving in, we decided that we would forgo it until tomorrow. We are having snow now and later the wind is supposed to pick up. Nice day to stay home and relax~~~~
So My way of relaxing is knitting. I have been making my dog sweaters for many years now, as you can see in my previous post. Well I decided that I am going to change the pattern a bit. My mom always said, if it ain’t broke then why fix it!.. well as usual I am not listening to my mom’s advice… hehehehe
I want to get rid of the belly strap and change it up a bit. This might take me a few days to knit,, tear it out,, knit ,,,tear it out!.. until I finally get the design I am looking for.
I have a closet full of yarns and I need to either give it away or use it. Decided that it was better to use it.
So.. As I am working on the design I will start posting some pictures. I know what I want to do, but since my pattern is not written down, I will have to write it down as I am going.This should be interesting!
So Off I GO!..
Spring is getting ever nearer… whoot!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Some of my Dog Sweater Designs

I am trying to keep up with my website as well as this blog but I noticed that I forgot to post some pictures of what got me into this whole blogging/website thing. I make dog Sweaters… yup.. that is the main thing I do. I started about 9 years ago with a design from a friend.. thank you Rosemary!!! and revamped it a bit, started adding my own designs and the rest is history. At the time I was sitting up all hours of the night knitting,, truly obsessed and determined to build a customer base. In doing this I found myself saying no to no one and knitting myself into a coma. Well.. after selling on Ebay and building my customers, I have knit and sold to Canada, US, australia, Japan, China, and the UK. I stayed with the smaller designs at the time, Yorkie, Poodle, Chihuahua, then finally after some pushing and prodding by some people, I sat down and redesigned the sweater for Pugs and bulldogs.     This sweater I call Give a Dog a bone. It was one of the featured sweaters in the Dogs In Canada Magazine in 2008 .

Black and tan is the theme for this one
This one is one of my favorites to make it is called Blue Boy.

Springy Yellow and blue.

Pink and gold lady.. one of my most popular designs
So.. there are some of my pictures,
And not to toot my horn or anything but I am also past president of CKDA (Canadian Knitwear Designers & Artisans)..
That’s the long and the short of it, Now back to the Olympics.. GO Women’s Curling!!!!!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Canada Rocks the Curling!!!!

I know we Canadians are not boastful, but good grief, someone has to sing our accolades!. Our curling teams are stupendous this year. The ladies team just won their game against the Swiss, and tonite the mens take on Sweden. As well as our Ladies Hockey!.. well what can I say about them… hmm…THEY ROCK!. and the BobSleigh.. well I could go on but I won’t.
I am sure I will go into Olympic withdrawls next week. Oh well it will be  back to the movies, the discovery and history channel. I know,, I know.. I am boring ! but when I am working I like to have some intelligent sounds and conversations to listen to.
Speaking of working I am back to knitting dog sweaters, with a few new design changes. I have been making the same design for so many years that I got totally bored with it. Now I know for some knitters that is totally hard to believe. So now I am revamping a design to encorporate it with my own design. It usually takes a while to get the pattern just the way I want it .. Knit.. look at it,, rip it out,, knit.. look at it.. shake my head,, rip it out. So far it has been working pretty well. I am making a 12″ yorkie size sweater this time around. I am determined to finish this today and then measure it to see how good I was at figuring out the stitch count and the sizing. Hmm.. if it doesn’t turn out, some lucky person with a mishaped, fat stumpy legged dog will love it , I am sure.. hehehehe. I am making it out of grey ragg yarn, no pattern until I figure out the sizing part of it, after that I will be good to start adding all the designs I love to do.
Well off to count stitches and drink some hot tea. The weather has started moving in and the sky has greyed so I guess we are really in for a wintery mix tonite. grr.. wish it would either snow or rain (but not both at the same time).
toodles fellow bloggers
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh my Nerves!

I am so surfed out that I am seeing double. Been on a mission trying to figure out a design for a friend but as it looks at this point.. it will be a no go.. Canada is truly a wonderful place to live but OMG when you go to look for something, you end up having to purchase materials in the states,,, then comes the customs.. taxes and delivery charges as well as waiting freaking forever for it to get here. By the time the supplies come, you either have forgotten what they were for, or you have changed your direction and you are onto some other project!. I am serious!
Lately I have about 6 projects on my brain. Not necessarily on the table! So that means, endless hours of searching, many lost hours of sleep because I cannot shut my brain off long enough to sleep.
On top of that I have a craft fair project that I am working on and trying to figure out the in’s and out’s of the whole flipping thing and trying to revamp it to fit my way of thinking.
So today, I let one of the projects go!. Cannot do it as cheaply as my friend can buy it in the states. I guess that is sort of a relief, Now I only have 5 things floating around in the endless void I call my designer brain.
At least I have the Olympics to watch, You don’t need much concentration to follow what is going on so that is a good thing.
A new week starts tomorrow and a new train of thought.
We will see how this week goes!
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Made by MAU Safety Scarves!!!!!

Well I finished the scarf I was making. I decided to make a cowl design this time AKA Safety Scarf.  It turned out very well, I love the colors but however I was not particular about the texture of the yarn. I used  was Red Heart Collage. Although it was marked as a #4 medium yarn, I found it was a bit thinner than that to work with.  However, it is done and here are the pictures.
As you can see ,,, the colors are stunning and I am happy with the end result dispite the fact that I thought the yarn was very thin.
Safety scarf Description
Made by MAU Safety scarves are a stylish and warm alternative to danger scarves! It will not tangle in lawn mowers, copiers, escalators, conveyor belts, alligator teeth, kangaroo pouches, stirrups, horses hooves, toasters, blenders, spinning wheels, bicycles, automobiles, kites, motorcycles, oscillating fans or tractors. Wear a safety scarf and have a safe stress free, winter with no visits to the emergency room .
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowy Monday

This is a record for me!.. two blog posts in two days.  Whatever will I do?…lol.. SHHH   don’t tell anyone.
Well the Stupid Bowl is over and the Colts Lost… OMG I can’t believe the stupid plays in the second half.
oh well.. Not going to rant and rave over something I have no control over. Woke up today to a few inches of new snow on the driveway and that is after we shovelled it off last night. So I fired up the snowblower and got at it bright and early. Couldn’t sleep in anyway so I figured I might as well make myself somewhat useful before I end up on my face later on in the day,…hehehe
Went to Walmart to get a couple pairs of short knitting needles. I want to make an open lace scarf and the only larger needles I have are long ones and just doesn’t make sense to use the long needles on 24 stitches.  And… by the way!  you can never have too many knitting needles laying around the house.. right!????
So today will be.. lots of hot tea,, a couple of episodes of Damages and knitting. With this type of weather it is better to stay in and knit and stay warm.
Happy Knitting fellow bloggers!
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

OK I have really dropped the ball lately. I guess I am not much of a blogger and I really don’t profess to be! I have been busy trying some new designs, Tea cozies, scarfs etc. I have worked my knuckles to the bones trying to figure out a new design for a Slow Feeder for horses and donkeys but to no avail. After many weeks of getting supplies, trying designs, not being happy with the designs, throwing the designs across my studio.. hehehehe..I have come to the realization that MY designs will work!.. but,, and this is a huge BUT!!! I cannot get the supplies cheap enough for me to be able to make the feeders available for my horse owner friends. By the time I finish with one bag, it would cost me as much for supplies as it would for them to buy similar ones in the states. (however not quite as nice as mine).. hehehehe.. Along with trying to sell them for a bit of a profit.. And I do say ***BIT*** it is unfortunate that the supplies cost so much here, or to have them shipped to Canada (customs, taxes and tarrifs etc.)
So I have turned my thinking around once again and have gone back to my knitting. Like they say (and I really have no idea who THEY are)..”do what you love doing,, if it works for you, stick with it.. don’t spread yourself so thin that you cannot perfect what you love doing” Now this finally makes sense to me~!

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